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FDM Ecology Limited is an independent ecological consultancy based in Perthshire, Scotland.  We specialise in all aspects of survey, assessment and consultation in relation to ecological matters.  


Our consultants have broad experience of delivering ecological services for housing development, wind farm, hydroelectric, road, rail, minerals extraction and power transmission.  We also undertake many small-scale ecological surveys including barn owl and bat surveys of individual properties, and initial ecological assessments.  For further details of the type and range of service we offer please see our services page.


We pride ourselves on the provision of sound advice in relation to ecological matters and consider the bedrock of our work to be information gathered from rigorous survey carried out by expert surveyors, both in-house and through our associations.  We maintain a high quality and dedicated service for our clients, many of whom we have gone on to build long-term working relationships with.


To discuss our services and availability please use the following address/telephone number, or alternatively fill in an enquiry form which can be found on our contacts page.

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